We would like to share our education with you about better, safer and more economical ways of taking care of our children and their families. We use the best of science and nature. The bottom line is we truly care about our children and the future that lies ahead for them. We are excited to teach you the ways we know to improve their health and well-being.

Healthy Kids

The way we look at it… we are all in this together. Each and every one of us have similar everyday challenges, whether it be the simple tasks of getting stains and smells out of sport uniforms, dealing with greater challenges like children who have ADHD, or severe allergies, trying to make sure they receive a nutritious breakfast to start their day, or getting our little ones to take vitamins. We all have the same goal; to make sure our children are being the best they can be. We have simple solutions which are safe and reliable.


Healthy Home

Today’s modern households have a very unique opportunity to say “NO” to harsh, synthetic chemicals that are SLOWLY poisoning our homes and families. Yes, it’s a slow process, but yet over time we have been seeing more and more children diagnosed with Cancer, ADD, ADHD, Autism, skin diseases and much more. Why is this and what can we do about it? Well, let’s look inside our homes. How many cleaners and laundry detergents do we use which say “KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN” or “POISON”? These are harmful chemicals and our goal is to show you how you can substitute these for a greener choice that can not only assist us in having healthier bodies inside and out, but also enable us to safely clean our homes from the kitchen to bathrooms to porches!

Healthy Body

When our ancestors were growing up, they were able to get their nutrients through fresh fruits and vegetables in their gardens. Now there is not the abundance of rich minerals in our soil, so we have to compensate for this by moving in the direction of getting essential nutrients through natural supplements. It’s making a choice to become proactive towards our families’ health and well-being.


Healthy Animals

If you’re a pet owner, then you are like most of us. Your pets are part of your family. Does your pet suffer from Allergies, Dermatitis, Arthritis, Urinary Problems or dry skin? What do you use to clean your pet’s bedding? Is it free from toxic vapors that float low to the ground where your pets are more susceptible to allergic reactions?

If you would like to learn more about any of this, we would be happy to share, show and educate you on the ways to help your kids and family live healthier, happier lives. Take a moment to fill out your contact information so you can see what we are all about and how it will benefit you and your family.

What if there were a manufacturer who operated with a mission to help others; whose priority was to provide better products that are safer for your home, safer for your family, and safer for the environment? What if there was a manufacturer that uses both the cutting edge of science and the best of Mother Nature and offers products at the same price or less than what we are shopping for now? And what if they allowed us, the consumer, to hold them, the manufacturer, accountable; accountable in product performance, product safety, product ingredients, product value, price point, and profit sharing. If there were a company like that… a True Game Changer would exist!

People sometimes use the term changing the game to refer to a company that uses innovative thinking, conceives an entirely new strategy for doing business, and changes the conventional economics to give real value to customers. An example of this is Apple iTunes. They did more than just cut out music CD’s by making songs available online. They changed the economics of the music buying and listening experience. Each day almost 50 million songs, movies, and apps are downloaded from iTunes. They changed the game. What about retail hardware? Home Depot. What about coffee? Starbucks, of course. What about video rental? Netflix. What about consumer products? Well, the recession resistant consumer product industry has operated the same way for over 100 years. These old manufacturers make their products with cheap ingredients to maximize their profits, truck them to a warehouse, then spend millions on advertising in order to sell their brand name products to their customer, the retail store. The retail store then marks up that product to sell to you, the consumer. Incredibly most often, over 60% of the price we pay for the products goes for advertising and retail middlemen. It’s been the same old game for the last century.

Until now…

In 1985, our company started with a vision of manufacturing for the consumer. Instead of conventional advertising, they use old-fashioned and trusted word of mouth referrals. That vision is now a reality! We are the first consumer goods manufacturing company to successfully enter into the consumer products marketplace in the last 30 years and take significant market share from the major brands without conventional advertising. We do this by simply referring others versus funding the corporate machine. We literally are changing the game. There is an enormous demand for consumer products that are green, work great, and are affordable for every family. We’ve grown to over a billion dollars in annual sales and if you haven’t heard of us yet, we think it is about time you did.

Take a moment to fill out your contact information so you can see what we are all about and how it will benefit you and your family.

“Why We Should Move Towards Green Cleaning in our Schools”

Our goal is to help educate our district on safer ways to keep our classrooms clean. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a little over 56 million students and 6 million staff members are exposed to chemical fumes, pesticides, molds and other toxins in our school systems. The good news is that more and more school districts are taking an interest in avoiding the use of products that can have adverse effects in the classroom. Statistic show that on average, schools that have made a switch in the classroom to safer, non-toxic cleaning products have reported a dramatic change in the percentage of absences. Interestingly, in one Ohio school there was a 5 year study done on absenteeism. There was an average of 30 illness related absences per month per classroom. After this school switched to the non-toxic products, the illness related absences went down to 8 per month, per classroom. In addition, some of the students reported not needing their inhalers in the classroom and there were fewer children taking allergy medications. These numbers are very impressive. If you are interested in helping our teachers and staff members obtain similar results, please reach out to us by calling (513) 515-6040 or (513) 702-5428. It starts here with our honest efforts in helping our schools both environmentally and economically.

Healthy Kids/Healthy Families

Kathy Young
Morrow, OH

Wellness Coach \ Mom

My entire family has benefited from this wellness company. My son was diagnosed with ADHD and for several years he had to experiment with various stimulant and non-stimulant medications. We were very unhappy with this as we were told each child reacts differently and it was pretty much trial and error. When we tried two products from the wellness company we noticed a significant change after the first 3 months. He was much happier and doing so much better in school. It allowed him to focus without so many distractions and the best part, no bad side effects, healthy for him and it tastes good. My daughter saw benefits when she entered high school and began to have stomach pains. We spoke with some great people who shared with us what worked for them and her episodes are growing further and further apart. My husband was the biggest skeptic; he was not convinced until he was able to get himself off blood pressure medicine. As a mom, I am always trying to do what is best for my family both to keep them healthy and to be economical. My clan, this past winter did not get sick, my children did not miss school and my husband and I did not miss work. I was surrounded by people with the upper respiratory infections that caused most to be seen by a doctor and have a prescription written. I truly believe a large amount of this was directly related to the education I have gained and ability to live a healthier lifestyle. I will absolutely continue to use these products and share my family’s success story.

Mary Davis
Amelia, OH

Second Grade Teacher \ Mom

I am a second grade teacher of 21 years and a mom of 2 girls. Several years ago, I turned my classroom into a "green" classroom. Since doing that, there has been less absences and illnesses. I have even observed less tissues being used!

My home is also a healthier place to be and my daughters have benefited from it!

Lebanon, OH

English Elementary Interpreter \ Mom

I started to change the way I was taking care of my family and my household. I am confident I made the right switch. I have been able to get the harsh chemicals out of my home.

I know if any of my 3 little pint sized chihuahuas would be exposed nothing would happen. The fear of having to call poison control would not exist.

What I like best is the variety of things they have to offer. It is truly EVERYTHING for your home and family that is not only healthy for you, but environmentally safe as well. This is a wonderful wellness company and I stand behind them 100%.

Blanchester, OH

Kindergarten Teacher

Since being introduced to this company, I have totally switched to all their cleaning products. My home and classroom smell so clean and refreshing. But the main benefit is knowing my classroom and home are safe from harmful chemicals. The heavy duty cleaner is downright amazing and again safe for everyone!

Our family also uses the non-toxic laundry detergent, which is by far the most economical detergent on the market that actually cleans your clothes. Another favorite is the stain remover. This is phenomenal as I have a soccer player and I consistently am able to get those tough ground in stains out of light colored uniforms. Most others I have tried do not compare. In fact, I have brought the stain remover in for our school nurse to use in the clinic, and have heard raving results.

The more I try the various items offered, the more impressed I become.